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<project name="Apache Axis2">
<name>Apache Axis2</name>
<item name="Axis2/Java" href="index.html" />
<item name="Axis2/C" href="" />
<item name="Apache WS" href="" />
<item name="Apache " href="" />
<menu name="Axis2/Java">
<item name="Home" href="index.html" />
<menu name="Downloads">
<item name="Releases" href="download.cgi" />
<item name="Modules" href="modules/index.html" />
<item name="Tools" href="tools/index.html" />
<menu name="Documentation">
<item name="Version 1.4" href="/@axis2_version_dir@/contents.html" >
<item name="Table of Contents" href="@axis2_version_dir@/toc.html" />
<item name="Installation Guide" href="@axis2_version_dir@/installationguide.html" />
<item name="QuickStart Guide" href="@axis2_version_dir@/quickstartguide.html" />
<item name="User Guide" href="@axis2_version_dir@/userguide.html" />
<item name="JAXWS Guide" href="@axis2_version_dir@/jaxws-guide.html" />
<item name="POJO Guide" href="@axis2_version_dir@/pojoguide.html" />
<item name="Spring Guide" href="@axis2_version_dir@/spring.html" />
<item name="Web Administrator's Guide" href="@axis2_version_dir@/webadminguide.html" />
<item name="Migration Guide (from Axis1)" href="@axis2_version_dir@/migration.html" />
<item name="Version 1.3" href="/1_3/contents.html" />
<item name="Version 1.2" href="/1_2/contents.html" />
<item name="Version 1.1.1" href="/1_1_1/contents.html" />
<item name="Version 1.1" href="/1_1/contents.html" />
<item name="Version 1.0" href="/1_0/index.html" />
<item name="Version 0.95" href="/0_95/index.html" />
<item name="Version 0.94" href="/0_94/index.html" />
<item name="Version 0.93" href="/0_93/index.html" />
<menu name="Resources">
<item name="FAQ" href="faq.html" />
<item name="Articles" href="articles.html" />
<item name="Wiki" href="" />
<item name="Reference Library" href="refLib.html" />
<item name="Online Java Docs" href="" />
<menu name="Get Involved" href="overview.html">
<item name="Overview" href="overview.html" />
<item name="Checkout the Source" href="svn.html" />
<item name="Mailing Lists" href="mail-lists.html" />
<item name="Release Process" href="release-process.html"/>
<item name="Developer Guidelines" href="guidelines.html" />
<item name="Build the Site" href="siteHowTo.html" />
<menu name="Project Information">
<item name="Project Team" href="team-list.html" />
<item name="Issue Tracking" href="issue-tracking.html" />
<item name="Source Code"
href="" />
<item name="Acknowledgements" href="thanks.html" />
<item name="License"
href="" />