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Sample: HTTPS Sample
This sample demonstrate use of HTTPS transport in both server and client sides. Jetty Maven plug-in used as
the web server and keytool-maven-plugin is used to generate secure key for the sample further same generated
key is used in client side too. This sample does not try to introduce secure key management best practices,
but in real world scenarios it's recommended to follow standard key management practices.
Apache Maven 2.X or 3.X
Running the Sample Service
1.) In a command line move to "samples/https-sample/httpsService" directory and run " mvn clean jetty:run"
2.) You should able to see following message on console.
"XXXX-XX-XX XX:XX:XX. XXX:INFO::Started SslSocketConnector@"
3.) Try to access WSDL file through the following URL, in some browsers you have to force to accepts the server certificate.
Running the Sample Client
1.) In a another command window move to this directory "samples/https-sample/httpsClient".
2.) Run following command.
"mvn package exec:java -Dexec.mainClass="org.apache.axis2.examples.httpsclient.SimpleServiceClient" -Dexec.classpathScope=runtime"
3.) You should able to see the response as follows.
<ns:helloServiceResponse xmlns:ns=""><ns:return>Hello World </ns:return></ns:helloServiceResponse>
Please contact java-user list ( if you have any trouble running the sample.