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Axis2 Quick Start Guide- (JiBX)
This sample contains source code for the xdocs/1_1/quickstartguide.html document found in
the extracted Axis2 Documents Distribution. For a more detailed description on the
source code kindly see this 'Axis2 Quick Start Guide' document.
In this sample, we are deploying a JiBX generated service. The service
is tested using generated client stubs.
Apache Ant 1.6.2 or later
Building the Service
Type "ant generate.service" from Axis2_HOME/samples/quickstartjibx
directory and then deploy the
Running the Client
type ant run.client in the Axis2_HOME/samples/quickstartadb directory
You will get following response
[java] 42.0
[java] price updated
[java] 42.35
Please contact axis-user list ( if you
have any trouble running the sample.