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Sample: JAXWS-Calculator
This is an example JAXWS Web service. It shows how to expose the methods of a class as a JAXWS Web
service using Axis2.
Building the Service
To build the sample service, type: mvn clean install
This will build the jaxws-calculator.jar in the target directory and copy it to the
<AXIS2_HOME>/repository/servicejars directory (create that directory if it's not yet created)
You can start the Axis2 server by running either axis2server.bat (on Windows) or
(on Linux)that are located in <AXIS2_HOME>/bin directory.
The WSDL for this service should be viewable at:
Running the Client
1. Set up a CLASSPATH with the following
- all the jars in <AXIS2_HOME/lib>
- the jaxws-calculator-SNAPSHOT-client.jar under the target directory
- addressing mar in <AXIS2_HOME/repository/modules>
2. Run the client using say "java -classpath %CLASSPATH% org.apache.axis2.jaxws.calculator.client.AddSEIClient 3 33"
Please contact axis-user list ( if you have any trouble running the sample.
Make this sample run possible with ant
**** WARNING ****
Please Remove xalan jar from <AXIS2_HOME>/ before you start axis2 server. If you are using this
sample inside a WAR, please remove xalan jar from WEB-INF/lib