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This document guides you on how to install Savan/C with Axis2/C, and
run the server and client samples on Linux and Microsoft Windows operating
This release comes in source form.
Please send your feedback to the developer mailing list:
(Subscription details are available on the Please
remember to prefix the subject with [Axis2].
1. Installing and Running on Linux
This can be done using source distributions.
1.1. Installing Savan/C Source Release on Linux
This version of Savan/C depends on Axis2/C 1.1. Download from
and install.
Download Savan source distribution
Extract the source distribution and go to extracted directory
Run configure with AXIS2 include path.
./configure --prefix=<AXIS2C_HOME> --enable-static=no --with-axis2=<AXIS2C_HOME>/include/axis2-<version>
make install
This will install the Savan/C as a module in Axis2/C in <AXIS2C_HOME>/modules folder. The module
folder contains the Savan/C libraries and the module.xml file. In the module.xml file give a valid path
for database storage. The database name should be savan_db.
<parameter name="savan_db" locked="false">/tmp/savan_db</parameter>
It will also install savan client
library in <AXIS2C_HOME>/lib folder. This client library is needed for savan clients to be linked with.
To test the installation you can run the subscriber sample by running
1.2. Savan/C install struture on Linux
Savan/C installation for Linux has the following folder structure.
+ - modules/savan (savan module library and module.xml file)
+ - docs
+ - services (Contain Subscription Manager service and sample data source services)
+ - include ( header files)
+ - bin
+ - samples/bin/savan ( sample executables)
+ - lib
2. Installing and Running on Microsoft Windows
This too can be done using source distributions.
2.1. Installing Savan/C Source Release on Windows
You need to have unziped Axis2/C 1.1.0 release to some folder.
On your cmd.exe cd to <savan src>\build\win32
Edit file with your binary locations.
To set necessary environment variables on command line run vcvars32.bat file.
Run nmake dist command on command line. This will build the Savan/C binary and samples to a directory savan in <savan src>\build\savan.
2. 2. Savan/C install struture on Windows
Savan/C installation will have following directory structure.
+ - Savan (savan module dll and module.xml file)
+ - samples
+ - bin
+ - source files of samples in folders
+ - include ( header files)
Savan/C has a persistent storage mechanism for storing subscriber information and data source information.
This is implemented using Sqlite embedded database
If you use Axis2/C Apache2 module instead of simple_axis2_server make
sure that Apache2 user have full access to the sqlite database file savan_db.
Savan/C module is installed into <AXIS2C_HOME>/modules/savanc directory. The installed module contain, module.xml. The sample clients are installed into <AXIS2C_HOME>/bin/samples/savan
directory. Sample services are installed into <AXIS2C_HOME>/services directory.