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RAMPART/C release process
1. Get a svn checkout from the trunk.
2. Change the version numbers and update the following files.
* ChangeLog
NOTICE (for years)
AUTHORS (if there are new)
project.xml & (in change the VERSION_NO also)
Change the release date and update the following files
3. Update the documents inside xdocs
* download.html
* index.html
* archived_news.html
4. Commit the changes
5. Create a tag for the release
* run `svn copy -m "Tagging 1.3.0 release of RampartC"`
* Optionally, you can defer creating tag until all RCs are passing. So, can create the tag just before sending for vote.
6. Get an svn checkout from the tag.
7. Run the
make sure for the configure option you have the following.
./configure --prefix=${AXIS2C_HOME} --enable-static=no --with-axis2=${AXIS2C_HOME}/include/axis2-1.6.0
8. Creating the site documents
* Should have maven 1.0.2 installed (for "maven site" command)
* run "maven site" from rampart root directory
9. Creating the API documents
* Go inside "xdocs/api/" directory
* run "doxygen doxygenconf"
10. Create the source distribution
* You have to have gpg key. Check section 14 to create one.
* sh
* enter your gpg password when asked.
11. Create the binay distribution
* sh
12. Test the source and binary distributions
13. Test the source distribution in Windows and create the Sorce zip
and the windows binary
Building Windows Binary
Edit the build/win32/ as follows
* DEBUG = 0
To create the binary distribution
* nmake dist
14. Sign the packs
* use existing key pair if you have
* To create a new key pair
gpg --gen-key
key selection default
key size 2048
key never expire
real name:Your Name
generated user id is:
"Your Name<email@your.domain>"
passphrase temp_12_word
keys will be created in ~/.gnupg directory.
* cd to the directory which contains the pack and export keys
gpg --armor --export email@your.domain > KEYS
generated message is:
You need a Passphrase to protect your secret key.
by default key is created in ~/.gnupg
15. Copy the source, binary packs to your directory in
scp rampartc.1.3.0.*
16. Put RCs till all the packs are throughly tested and there are no more
known issues.
17. Then upload the release packs to your directory at apache
18. Call for vote (in rampart-c-dev list and optionally copy to axis-c-dev)
19. When the required number of votes is received, upload the release.
Copy the release from your home to /www/
update the keys (cat KEYS >> /www/
Move earlier releases to (/www/
Update the site at [WWW] with generated site documents (in step 8)
svn update the site at /www/
Test Main Site Downloads (wait until mirros pickup the distributables, before sending the release note.)
20. When the site is updated announce the release.
Send the announce mail to