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Apache Rampart/C version 1.3.0
Apache Rampart/C is the security module for Apache Axis2/C
You can get the latest svn checkout from
Key features
1. Ability to send and verify UsernameTokens with
- Username and PlainText password
- Username and Digested password
2. Ability to send Timestamp tokens
3. SOAP message encryption
- With derived key support for improved security
- Symmetric and Asymmetric modes of operations
- Support for AES and Tripple DES encryption
- Signature encryption
- Keys encryption
4. SOAP message signature
- XML signature with RSA-SHA1
- Message authentication with HMAC-SHA1
- Signature confirmation support
- SOAP Header signing
5. WS-Security Policy (spec 1.1 & spec 1.2) based configurations
- Support for both Symmetric as well as Asymmetric policy bindings
- Support for different modes of key identifiers
- Support for different algorithm suites
[Basic128, Basic 192, Basic256, TrippleDES, Basic128Rsa15, Basic192Rsa15,Basic256Rsa15, TripleDesRsa15]
- Support for IssuedToken assertion in client side.
- Support for SAMLToken assertion.
6. Replay detection support
- Easy to use built-in replay detection module
- Ability to deploy a customized replay detection module
7. Different protection orders
- Encrypt before signing
- Sign before encrypting
8. Extensible modules
- Password callback module
- Authentication module
- Credentials module
- Replay detection module
- Secure conversation token module
9. Keys management
- Support for X509 token profile
- Support for Key identifiers, Thumb prints, Issuer/Serial pairs, Embedded and Direct references
- Support for PKCS12 keystore
10. WS-Secure Conversation Language support
- Establishing Security Context and thereby maintaining a session
- Per message key derivation
- Support for stored securtiy context token
- Rahas module support to give STS functionality to a service
11. WS-Trust Language support
- Security Token Services (STS)
- STS Client
- Server and Client entrophy support
12. SAML Support
- Support for Creation and Processing of SAML Core 1.1 Assertions
- SAML Token as Sign Supporting Token
- Signing and Encryption with SAML
10. Other
- Easy to use deployment scripts
- A comprehensive set of samples
Major Changes Since Last Release
1. WS-Secure Conversation Language support
2. WS-Trust Language support
3. Rahas module to give STS support to a service
4. PKCS12 Keystore support
5. Security Policy 1.2 support
6. Memory leak fixes
7. Many bug fixes
Planned to be implemented Architecture Features
1. WS-Trust : Client/Server challenege response protocol
We welcome your early feedback on this implementation.
Thanks for your interest in Rampart/C