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<title>The Web Services Engine</title>
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<h1>Welcome to Apache Axis2/C</h1>
<p>Apache Axis2/C is an effort to implement <a
architecture</a> in C. Apache Axis2/C can be used to provide and consume Web
<h2>Background and Motivation</h2>
<p>This implementation provides the C language option in consuming and
providing Web Services. Apache Axis2/C is looking at broadening its horizon
by its ability to plug in and embed into other software systems.</p>
<h2>Latest Release</h2>
<h3>06th May 2007 - Apache Axis2/C Version 1.0.0 Released</h3>
<a href="download.cgi">Download 1.0.0</a>
<h4>Key Features</h4>
<li>Support for one-way messaging (In-Only) and request response messaging
<li>Client APIs: Easy to use service client API and a more advanced
operation client API</li>
<li>Transports supported : HTTP
<li>Inbuilt HTTP server called simple axis server</li>
<li>Apache2 HTTPD module called mod_axis2 for the server side</li>
<li>IIS module for the server side</li>
<li>Client transport with the ability to enable SSL support</li>
<li>libcurl based client transport</li>
<li>Module architecture, with a mechanism to extend the SOAP processing
<li>WS-Addressing support, for both the submission (2004/08) and final
(2005/08) versions, implemented as a module</li>
<li>MTOM/XOP support</li>
<li>AXIOM, which is an XML object model optimized for SOAP 1.1/1.2
messages. This has complete XML infoset support.</li>
<li>XML parser abstraction
<li>Libxml2 wrapper</li>
<li>Guththila pull parser support</li>
<li>Both directory based and archive based deployment models for deploying
services and modules</li>
<li>Description hierarchy providing access to static data of Axis2/C
runtime (configuration, service groups, services, operations, and
<li>Context hierarchy providing access to dynamic Axis2/C runtime
information (corresponding contexts mapped to each level of the
description hierarchy)</li>
<li>Message receiver abstraction
<li>Inbuilt raw XML message receiver</li>
<li>Code generation tool for stub and skeleton generation for a given WSDL
(based on the Java tool)
<li>Axis Data Binding (ADB) support</li>
<li>Transport proxy support</li>
<li>REST support (more POX like) using both HTTP POST and GET</li>
<li>Comprehensive documentation
<li>Axis2/C Manual</li>
<h4>Major Changes Since Last Release</h4>
<li>Many Bug Fixes</li>
<li>IIS module for the server side</li>
<li>libcurl based client transport</li>
<li>Improvements to overall API to make it more user friendly, stable, and
binary compatible</li>
<li>Transport proxy support</li>
<li>Memory leak fixes</li>
<h2>Archived News</h2>
<p>Refer to information on the <a href="archived_news.html">previous