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NTLM authentication for Axis2/C clients using default http transport is made possible with this
package. By default NTLM authentication is disabled in Axis2/C build. to enable NTLM authentication
user need to configure Axis2/C with an external NTLM library like Heimdal[1]
NTLM support is added to Axis2/C client transport as a dynamically loadedable library called axis2c_ntlm.
This library will wrap a external NTLM library like Heimdal to provide NTLM support. Axis2/C is shipped with
a wrapper to Heimdal which you can find under heimdal subdirectory here. Developers have tested successfully with a
wrapper to libntlm[2] as well.
One can write a wrapper to any other external NTLM libary of his choice by implementing axis2_ntlm.h header file and
studying the heimdal wrapper here.
To enable heimdal NTLM library at build time configure Axis2/C with following option
configure --enable-heimdal=yes
There are some examples of using NTLM authenticaion with Axis2/C clients under
<AXIS2C_SOURCE>/samples/client/ntlm subdirecory.