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*. The following environment vars should be set
*. change any poperties in the appropriate c/build/ file
HTTP.SSLChannel = false
testPort = 8080
WINDOWS: transport.HTTP.ipv6 = false
*. WINDOWS : set vc environment
*. ant
*. ant -f package.xml
*. configure the servers
apache1 - copy apache module, change the listening port, change httpd.conf
apache2 - copy apache2 module, change the listening port, change httpd.conf
simple_axis_server - nothing to do
*. stop any servers if running
*. Change the wspath entity in c/build/server.wsdd.PLATFORM to point to c/../../../Axis/webservices. Axis folder will be
created when services are deployed.
*. you may have to change PARSER.xmlParserLibrary to the appropriate value in the file
*. ant -f services.xml -Ddir.release=/home/sanjaya/obj/package/axis-c-1.5.0-Linux-bin/
*. if HTTP.SSLChannel = false make relevant changes in c/build/executeTest.xml (not needed any more)
*. some times may have to change c/build/buildTest.xml to change java task to have fully qualified name rather than .jar
*. ant -f test.xml -Ddir.xmlParser=/usr/local/xerces-c/lib -Ddir.release=/home/sanjaya/obj/package/axis-c-1.5.0-Linux-bin (TO RUN THE TEST SimpleRef)
*. ant -f test.xml -Ddir.xmlParser=/usr/local/xerces-c/lib -Ddir.release=/home/sanjaya/obj/package/axis-c-1.5.0-Linux-bin (TO RUN ALL THE TESTS)