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  1. config/
  2. data/
  3. dist/
  5. patches/
  6. scripts/
  7. .dockerignore
  8. .env
  9. Dockerfile
  10. Dockerfile.atlas
  11. Dockerfile.atlas-base
  12. Dockerfile.atlas-build
  13. Dockerfile.atlas-db
  14. Dockerfile.atlas-hadoop
  15. Dockerfile.atlas-hbase
  16. Dockerfile.atlas-hive
  17. Dockerfile.atlas-kafka
  18. Dockerfile.atlas-solr
  19. Dockerfile.atlas-zk
  21. docker-compose.atlas-base.yml
  22. docker-compose.atlas-build.yml
  23. docker-compose.atlas-hadoop.yml
  24. docker-compose.atlas-hbase.yml
  25. docker-compose.atlas-hive.yml
  26. docker-compose.atlas-kafka.yml
  27. docker-compose.atlas.yml


Docker files in this folder create docker images and run them to build Apache Atlas, deploy Apache Atlas and dependent services in containers.


  1. Ensure that you have recent version of Docker installed from (as of this writing: Engine 20.10.5, Compose 1.28.5). Make sure to configure docker with at least 6gb of memory.

  2. Set this folder as your working directory.

  3. Update environment variables in .env file, if necessary

  4. Execute following command to download necessary archives to setup Atlas/HDFS/HBase/Kafka services: ./

  5. Build and deploy Apache Atlas in containers using docker-compose

    5.1. Execute following command to build Apache Atlas:

     docker-compose -f docker-compose.atlas-base.yml -f docker-compose.atlas-build.yml up

    Time taken to complete the build might vary (upto an hour), depending on status of ${HOME}/.m2 directory cache.

    5.2. Execute following command to install and start Atlas and dependent services (Solr, HBase, Kafka) in containers:

     docker-compose -f docker-compose.atlas-base.yml -f docker-compose.atlas.yml -f docker-compose.atlas-hadoop.yml -f docker-compose.atlas-hbase.yml -f docker-compose.atlas-kafka.yml -f docker-compose.atlas-hive.yml up -d

    Apache Atlas will be installed at /opt/atlas/, and logs are at /var/logs/atlas directory.

  6. Atlas Admin can be accessed at http://localhost:21000 (admin/atlasR0cks!)