Apache Atlas

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  1. 77b03aa ATLAS-4339: Atlas should support skip temporary tables using config property by Radhika Kundam · 2 days ago master
  2. 01082f1 ATLAS-4341 : Regression: DSL query with like operator and regex expression does not work by Pinal · 3 days ago
  3. fa04444 ATLAS-4317 : Upgrade curator jar version to 4.3.0 by chaitali borole · 3 weeks ago
  4. 244c5d5 ATLAS-4316:UI: When lineage contains shell entities, the image couldn't be downloaded. by prasad pawar · 3 days ago
  5. b032339 ATLAS-3923 : fix NullPointException in HBaseBasedAuditRepository.listEventsV2 (#108) by zyyBjtu · 9 days ago
  6. ddf3bcf ATLAS-4337: UI: Add entity icons for all the Kafka types. by prasad pawar · 10 days ago
  7. 2eb2b86 ATLAS-4300 : DSL Search : Support search by classification and its attribute by Pinal · 5 weeks ago
  8. 0ac4b12 ATLAS-4324: FS entity created for 'load data inpath' Part 2 by Ashutosh Mestry · 3 weeks ago
  9. 817afa0 ATLAS-4327: UI: Deleting all glossaries and then switching to new UI results in unexpected behaviour. by prasad pawar · 2 weeks ago
  10. cf925b6 ATLAS-4328: UI: Add flink type icons / images. via (Josh Yeh <jjyeh@cloudera.com>) by prasad pawar · 2 weeks ago
  11. 2afbf4d ATLAS-4332 : DSL Query : query with like operator and / in search text throws 500 by Pinal · 2 weeks ago
  12. 01f5eea ATLAS-4333: [MATERIALIZED VIEW]Column Lineage and hive_process missing in case of CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW query at Hive by Radhika Kundam · 2 weeks ago
  13. 1078f25 Revert "ATLAS-4058: UI: Fix Entity detail page Hive Column Position with 0 is set to NA." by nixonrodrigues · 2 weeks ago
  14. e8832f0 ATLAS-4326: Atlas UI: Multiple continuous space is accepted on Short description for Classifications, Gloassarys, Categorys & Terms, fixed #2. by prasad pawar · 2 weeks ago
  15. f048f84 ATLAS-4283:UI: Description cannot be made blank for classification,fixed by prasad pawar · 5 weeks ago
  16. 0a43c19 ATLAS-4295: UI: The short/long description of term & category doesnt get updated immediately when made blank,fixed by prasad pawar · 3 weeks ago
  17. 8db2ccc ATLAS-4329: Update Kafka version to 2.5 by Sarath Subramanian · 3 weeks ago
  18. f9d447d ATLAS-4294:Atlas UI : Format long description of Glossary term and category UI, fixed by prasad pawar · 5 weeks ago
  19. ae3f655 ATLAS-4325:[Atlas: Glossary Term Bulk Import] [UI] Unable to perform bulk import glossary term via UI, fixed by prasad pawar · 3 weeks ago
  20. 005d867 ATLAS-3812: Apache Flink model for Atlas. by Josh Yeh · 3 weeks ago