Apache Atlas

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  1. 43daa25 ATLAS-4652: fix to address potential NPE in AtlasAttributeDef.isSoftReferenced() by Madhan Neethiraj · 6 days ago master
  2. 37c2427 ATLAS-4671: Basic Search : Exclude Header attributes of entities from the response by Pinal Shah · 3 weeks ago
  3. e3a6d23 ATLAS-4679: Improving entity updates by not including deleted edges by Sheetal Shah · 2 weeks ago
  4. 33a7b45 ATLAS-4677 : Upgrade commons-configuration to 2.8.0 by chaitali borole · 3 weeks ago
  5. 146835e ATLAS-4673 : (UI) Upgrade jquery-ui to 1.13.2 by Farhan Khan · 4 weeks ago
  6. 18aa87c ATLAS-4660 : (UI)Deleting businesss metadata attribute values with spaces in their key names results in unexpected behaviour by Farhan Khan · 6 weeks ago
  7. 12fe912 ATLAS-4669 : Upgrade Junit to 4.13.2 by chaitali borole · 4 weeks ago
  8. 3a98f1f ATLAS-4627 : Delete Existing entity in Atlas which are not present in Hive, DB wise through Import-hive command. by pareshD · 4 weeks ago
  9. d034bad ATLAS-4611 : (UI)Add text-editor for string attribute value of Business Metadata and for description field while creating Classification and Business Metadata by Farhan Khan · 6 weeks ago
  10. 7ee310b ATLAS-4662 : Upgrade POI to 5.2.2 by chaitali borole · 7 weeks ago
  11. 11ae430 ATLAS-4648: Upgrade Netty Project to 4.1.78.Final by chaitali borole · 2 months ago
  12. ba5cf40 ATLAS-4647 : Upgrade Spring Security to 5.7.2 by chaitali borole · 8 weeks ago
  13. 3c7d8c0 ATLAS-4619: Refactor Atlas webapp module to remove Kafka core dependency by Patrik Marton · 2 months ago
  14. c1daaa4 ATLAS-4649 Upgrade Spring Framework to 5.3.21 by chaitali borole · 2 months ago
  15. 28cf092 ATLAS-4600 : (UI)Add classification button appears for deleted hive_columns in Schema Tab of hive_table entity details page. by Farhan Khan · 9 weeks ago
  16. 6a1f2ef ATLAS-4607: UI improvements to support Atlas Lineage fetch on-demand by Farhan Khan · 2 months ago
  17. 7ba5f19 ATLAS-4606: Improve Atlas Lineage API performance (fetch on-demand) by radhikakundam · 2 months ago
  18. 218dd81 ATLAS-4642: replace use of static volatile member from plugin classloader by Madhan Neethiraj · 8 months ago
  19. 2949b11 ATLAS-3422: fixed Atlas startup failure due to recently added configurations storage.username and storage.password - #2 by Madhan Neethiraj · 3 months ago
  20. e156bb5 ATLAS-3422: Cassandra audit repository updated to support authenticated Cassandra cluster by Arun Vasudevan · 3 years ago