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<menu name="Introduction">
<item name="About" href="/index.html" />
<item name="Downloads" href="/download.html" />
<item name="Versions" href="/versions.html"/>
<item name="Mailing Lists" href="/mailing-lists.html"/>
<item name="Security" href="/security.html"/>
<item name="Documentation" href="">
<item name="Release ${archivaReleaseVersion}" href="${archivaReleaseVersion}/"/>
<item name="Preview ${archivaLastSerieVersion}" href="${archivaLastSerieVersion}/"/>
<item name="Dev ${archivaCurrentDevVersion}" href="${archivaCurrentDevVersion}/"/>
<menu name="Development">
<item name="Build Apache Archiva" href="developers/building.html"/>
<item name="Get involved" href="/get-involved.html"/>
<item name="How we do things" href="developers/how-we-do-things.html"/>
<item name="Redback" href="redback"/>
<item name="Redback Components" href="redback/components"/>
<item name="Javascript application Architecture" href="/jsui/index.html">
<item name="Rest service" href="/jsui/rest.html"/>
<item name="JS Template loading" href="/jsui/template-loading.html"/>
<item name="i18n" href="/jsui/i18n.html"/>
<item name="Knockout Binding" href="/jsui/knockout-binding.html"/>
<item name="Generic Javascipts" href="/jsui/generics-js.html"/>
<item name="Releasing" href="developers/releasing.html"/>
<item name="Site Publish" href="developers/publishing-site.html"/>
<menu name="ASF" inherit="bottom">
<item name="How Apache Works" href=""/>
<item name="Foundation" href=""/>
<item name="Sponsoring Apache" href=""/>
<item name="Thanks" href=""/>
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