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Apache APISIX for Kubernetes

Go Report Card

Use Apache APISIX for Kubernetes Ingress.

All configurations in apisix-ingress-controller are defined with Kubernetes CRDs (Custom Resource Definitions). Support configuring plugins, service registration discovery mechanism for upstreams, load balancing and more in Apache APISIX.

apisix-ingress-controller is an Apache APISIX control plane component. Currently it serves for Kubernetes clusters. In the future, we plan to separate the submodule to adapt to more deployment modes, such as virtual machine clusters.

The technical architecture of apisix-ingress-controller:


This project is currently general availability.


  • Declarative configuration for Apache APISIX with Custom Resource Definitions(CRDs), using k8s yaml struct with minimum learning curve.
  • Hot-reload during yaml apply.
  • Native Kubernetes Ingress (both v1 and v1beta1) support.
  • Auto register k8s endpoint to upstream (Apache APISIX) node.
  • Support load balancing based on pod (upstream nodes).
  • Out of box support for node health check.
  • Plug-in extension supports hot configuration and immediate effect.
  • Support SSL and mTLS for routes.
  • Support traffic split and canary deployments.
  • Support TCP 4 layer proxy.
  • Ingress controller itself as a pluggable hot-reload component.
  • Multi-cluster configuration distribution.

More about comparison among multiple Ingress Controllers.

Internal Architecture


Apisix ingress controller requires Kubernetes version 1.15+. From the version 1.0.0, APISIX-ingress-controller need to work with Apache APISIX version 2.7+.

Apache APISIX Ingress vs. Kubernetes Ingress Nginx

Contributor over time

Contributor over time

Get started


  • Support UDP definition. #116
  • Support GRPC definition. #114
  • Add a complete demo. #9
  • More todos will display in issues



User stories


We welcome all kinds of contributions from the open-source community, individuals and partners.




  • Ingress APISIX: the whole service that contains the proxy (Apache APISIX) and ingress controller (apisix ingress controller).
  • apisix-ingress-controller: the ingress controller component.


Apache License 2.0