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<title>Compressing Tasks</title>
<h2><a name="pack">Compressing Tasks</a></h2>
<p>For each of the supported compression formats there is a
correspondig task that compresses a resource. These tasks are not
based on
their <a href="">core
cousin tasks</a> but provide similar functionality.</p>
<table border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0">
<td valign="top"><b>Attribute</b></td>
<td valign="top"><b>Description</b></td>
<td align="center" valign="top"><b>Required</b></td>
<td valign="top">src</td>
<td valign="top">the resource to compress.</td>
<td align="center" valign="top" rowspan="2">Yes, or a nested
resource collection or a nested archiving task.</td>
<td valign="top">srcfile</td>
<td valign="top">the file to compress.</td>
<td valign="top">dest</td>
<td valign="top">the destination resource to create.</td>
<td align="center" valign="top" rowspan="2">Exactly one of the
two or a nested dest element.</td>
<td valign="top">destfile</td>
<td valign="top">the destination file to create.</td>
<h3>Parameters specified as nested elements</h3>
<h4>any <a href="">resource</a>
or single element resource collection</h4>
<p>The specified resource will be used as src.</p>
<h4>any <a href="archive.html">archiving task</a></h4>
<p>The task's output will be used as src.</p>
<p>You must not specify the archiving task's dest attribute or
nested element.</p>
any <a href="">resource</a>
or single element resource collection as nested element.</p>
<p>The specified resource will be used as dest.</p>
<h3><a name="bzip2">BZip2</a></h3>
<p>Is an <a href="#pack">compressing task</a> that uses the BZIP2
compression algorithm.</p>
<h3><a name="gzip">GZip</a></h3>
<p>Is an <a href="#pack">compressing task</a> that uses the GZIP
compression algorithm.</p>
&lt;cmp:gzip src=&quot;test.tar&quot; dest=&quot;test.tar.gz&quot;
&lt;cmp:bzip2 src=&quot;test.tar&quot; destfile=&quot;test.tar.bz2&quot;
&lt;cmp:gzip destfile=&quot;archive.tar.gz&quot; xmlns:cmp="antlib:org.apache.ant.compress"&gt;
&lt;url url=""/&gt;
<p>downloads <i></i> and compresses it
to <i>archive.tar.gz</i> in the project's basedir on the fly.</p>
&lt;cmp:gzip xmlns:cmp="antlib:org.apache.ant.compress"&gt;
&lt;fileset dir="src"/&gt;
&lt;file file=&quot;src.tar.gz&quot;/&gt;
<p>Creates a tar archive of all files in the <i>src</i> directory,
compresses it using GZIP and stores it in the
file <i>src.tar.gz</i> in the project's basedir.</p>