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What's this?
This library contains tasks that enables Ant task developers to test
their tasks with Ant and without JUnit. It contains a few assertion
tasks and an antunit task that runs build files instead of test
classes and is modelled after the JUnit task.
Learn more
The documentation is included in the docs subdirectory of this
distribution. The home of this library is
This Ant Library requires Ant 1.7.0 or later to build, some of
the test use JUnit 3 (3.8.2 recommended).
It should work with any Java(TM) Runtime (and compile with any Java(TM)
Developer Kit) starting with version 1.2.
You use this Ant library like any other Ant library 8-)
In short you can make it available to Ant in a variety of ways, please
see the Ant manual or the index.html file in the docs subdirectory of
this distribtion for details.