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import sys
import time
import pkg_resources
import Image
import tg
from pylons import c
from paste.deploy.converters import asint
from ming.orm import mapper, ThreadLocalORMSession, session, state, Mapper
from allura.command import base
import forgetracker.model
class RethumbCommand(base.Command):
usage = '<ini file> [<project name>]'
summary = 'Recreate thumbnails for attachment images'
parser = base.Command.standard_parser(verbose=True)
parser.add_option('', '--force', dest='force', action='store_true',
help=('Recreate all thumbnails (by first removing any existing)'))
created_thumbs = 0
def create_thumbnail(self, attachment, att_cls):
if attachment.is_image():"Processing image attachment '%s'", attachment.filename)
doc = state(attachment).document.deinstrumented_clone()
del doc['_id']
del doc['file_id']
doc['type'] = 'thumbnail'
count = att_cls.query.find(doc).count()
if count == 1:"Thumbnail already exists for '%s' - skipping", attachment.filename)
elif count > 1:
base.log.warning("There are %d thumbnails for '%s' - consider clearing them with --force", count, attachment.filename)
image =
del doc['content_type']
del doc['filename']
att_cls.save_thumbnail(attachment.filename, image, attachment.content_type, att_cls.thumbnail_size, doc, square=True)"Created thumbnail for '%s'", attachment.filename)
self.created_thumbs += 1
def process_att_of_type(self, cls, find_criteria):'Processing attachment class: %s', cls)
find_criteria['type'] = 'attachment'
for att in cls.query.find(find_criteria):
self.create_thumbnail(att, cls)
def command(self):
from allura import model as M
# self.basic_setup()
existing_thumbs = 0'Collecting application attachment classes')
package_model_map = {}
for m in Mapper.all_mappers():
sess = m.session
cls = m.mapped_class
if issubclass(cls, M.BaseAttachment):
if sess is M.project_orm_session:
package = cls.__module__.split('.', 1)[0]
l = package_model_map.get(package, [])
package_model_map[package] = l
if len(self.args) > 1:
projects = M.Project.query.find({'shortname': self.args[1]})
projects = M.Project.query.find()
for p in projects:'=' * 20)"Processing project '%s'", p.shortname)
c.project = p
if self.options.force:
existing_thumbs += M.BaseAttachment.query.find({'type': 'thumbnail'}).count()'Removing %d current thumbnails (per --force)', existing_thumbs)
M.BaseAttachment.query.remove({'type': 'thumbnail'})
# ProjectFile's live in main collection (unlike File's)
# M.ProjectFile.query.find({'app_config_id': None, 'type': 'attachment'}).all()
for app in p.app_configs:"Processing application '%s' mounted at '%s' of type '%s'", app.options['mount_label'], app.options['mount_point'], app.tool_name)
# Any application may contain DiscussionAttachment's, it has discussion_id field
self.process_att_of_type(M.DiscussionAttachment, {'app_config_id': app._id, 'discussion_id': {'$ne': None}})
# Otherwise, we'll take attachment classes belonging to app's package
ep = pkg_resources.iter_entry_points('allura', app.tool_name).next()
app_package = ep.module_name.split('.', 1)[0]
if app_package == 'allura':
# Apps in allura known to not define own attachment types
classes = package_model_map.get(app_package, [])
for cls in classes:
self.process_att_of_type(cls, {'app_config_id': app._id, 'discussion_id': None})'-' * 10)'Recreated %d thumbs', self.created_thumbs)
if self.options.force:
if existing_thumbs != self.created_thumbs:
base.log.warning('There were %d thumbs before --force operation started, but %d recreated', existing_thumbs, self.created_thumbs)
if __name__ == '__main__':
command = RethumbCommand('rethumb')