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import sys
import logging
from pylons import c
from ming.orm import session
from ming.orm.ormsession import ThreadLocalORMSession
from allura import model as M
from allura.lib import utils
log = logging.getLogger('update-ordinals')
def main():
test = sys.argv[-1] == 'test'
num_projects_examined = 0'Examining all projects for mount order.')
for some_projects in utils.chunked_find(M.Project):
for project in some_projects:
c.project = project
mounts = project.ordered_mounts(include_search=True)
# ordered_mounts() means duplicate ordinals (if any) will be next to each other
duplicates_found = False
prev_ordinal = None
for mount in mounts:
if mount['ordinal'] == prev_ordinal:
duplicates_found = True
prev_ordinal = mount['ordinal']
if duplicates_found:
if test:'Would renumber mounts for project "%s".' % project.shortname)
else:'Renumbering mounts for project "%s".' % project.shortname)
for i, mount in enumerate(mounts):
if 'ac' in mount:
mount['ac'].options['ordinal'] = i
elif 'sub' in mount:
mount['sub'].ordinal = i
num_projects_examined += 1
session(project).clear()'%s projects examined.' % num_projects_examined)
if __name__ == '__main__':