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import sys
import logging
from pylons import c
from ming.orm import session
from bson import ObjectId
from mock import Mock, patch
from allura.lib import helpers as h
from allura.lib import utils
from allura import model as M
from forgewiki import model as WM
from allura.ext.project_home import ProjectHomeApp
log = logging.getLogger('uninstall-home')
def main():
test = sys.argv[-1] == 'test''Removing "home" tools')
affected_projects = 0
possibly_orphaned_projects = 0
solr_delete = Mock()
notification_post = Mock()
for some_projects in utils.chunked_find(M.Project, {'neighborhood_id': {
'$ne': ObjectId("4be2faf8898e33156f00003e")}}):
for project in some_projects:
c.project = project
old_home_app = project.app_instance('home')
if isinstance(old_home_app, ProjectHomeApp):
# would we actually be able to install a wiki?
if M.ProjectRole.by_name('Admin') is None:
log.warning('project %s may be orphaned' % project.shortname)
possibly_orphaned_projects += 1
affected_projects += 1
# remove the existing home tool
if test:'would remove "home" tool from project ' + project.shortname)
else:'removing "home" tool from project ' + project.shortname)
with patch('', solr_delete):
# ...and put a Wiki in its place (note we only create a Wiki if we deleted the old home)
if test:'would create Wiki "home" for project ' + project.shortname)
else:'creating Wiki "home" for project ' + project.shortname)
home_title = project.homepage_title or 'Home'
wiki_text = project.description or ''
if wiki_text == 'You can edit this description in the admin page':
wiki_text = 'You can edit this description'
# re-number all the mounts so the new Wiki comes first
mounts = project.ordered_mounts()
with patch('', notification_post):
new_home_app = project.install_app('Wiki', 'home', 'Home')
mounts = [{'ordinal':0, 'ac':new_home_app.config}] + mounts
for i, mount in enumerate(mounts):
if 'ac' in mount:
mount['ac'].options['ordinal'] = i
elif 'sub' in mount:
mount['sub'].ordinal = i
# make it look as much like the old home tool as possible
new_home_app.config.options['show_left_bar'] = False
new_home_app.config.options['show_discussion'] = False
# now let's fix the home page itself'updating home page to "%s"' % home_title)
new_home_page = WM.Page.query.find(dict(app_config_id=new_home_app.config._id)).first()
with h.push_config(c, app=new_home_app):
if new_home_page is None:
# weird: we didn't find the existing home page
log.warning('hmmm, actually creating the home page ("%s") for project "%s" from scratch' % (home_title, project.shortname))
new_home_page = WM.Page.upsert(home_title)
new_home_page.viewable_by = ['all']
new_home_page.title = home_title
new_home_page.text = wiki_text
with patch('', notification_post):
assert new_home_page is not None
assert new_home_page.title == home_title
assert new_home_page.version == 2
# if we changed the home page name, make sure the Wiki knows that's the root page
new_home_app.root_page_name = home_title
if test:'%s projects would be updated' % affected_projects)
else:'%s projects were updated' % affected_projects)
if possibly_orphaned_projects:
log.warning('%s possibly orphaned projects found' % possibly_orphaned_projects)
if not test:
assert solr_delete.call_count == affected_projects, solr_delete.call_count
assert notification_post.call_count == 2 * affected_projects, notification_post.call_count
if __name__ == '__main__':