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For projects:
* Admin role.roles should contain Developer, and Developer only
* Developer role.roles should contain Member, and Member only
For project.users:
* user.project_role().roles, if it contains Admin, should not contain
Developer or Member
* user.project_role().roles, if it contains Developer, should not contain
import sys
import logging
from ming.orm import session
from ming.orm.ormsession import ThreadLocalORMSession
from allura import model as M
from allura.lib import utils
log = logging.getLogger('fix-subroles')
def main():
test = sys.argv[-1] == 'test'
num_projects_examined = 0'Examining subroles in all non-user projects.')
n_users = M.Neighborhood.query.get(name='Users')
project_filter = dict(neighborhood_id={'$ne':n_users._id})
for some_projects in utils.chunked_find(M.Project, project_filter):
for project in some_projects:
project_name = '%s.%s' % (, project.shortname)
project_roles = {}
for parent, child in [('Admin', 'Developer'), ('Developer', 'Member')]:
parent_role = M.ProjectRole.by_name(parent, project=project)
child_role = M.ProjectRole.by_name(child, project=project)
project_roles[parent] = parent_role
project_roles[child] = child_role
if not (parent_role and child_role):
if len(parent_role.roles) != 1 or parent_role.roles[0] != child_role._id:
if test:'Would reset %s subroles for project "%s".' % (parent, project_name))'- Existing %s subrole(s): %s' % (parent, parent_role.roles))
else:'Resetting %s subroles for project "%s".' % (parent, project_name))
parent_role.roles = [child_role._id]
if not (project_roles['Admin'] and project_roles['Developer'] \
and project_roles['Member']):'Skipping "%s": missing Admin, Developer, or Member roles' % project_name)
for user in project.users():
pr = user.project_role(project=project)
if not pr.roles: continue
for parent, children in [('Admin', ('Developer', 'Member')),
('Developer', ('Member',))]:
if project_roles[parent]._id not in pr.roles: continue
for role_name in children:
extra_role = project_roles[role_name]
if extra_role._id in pr.roles:
if test:'Would remove %s role from user "%s" in project "%s" (already has %s role).' \
% (role_name, user.username, project_name, parent))
else:'Removing %s role from user "%s" in project "%s" (already has %s role).' \
% (role_name, user.username, project_name, parent))
num_projects_examined += 1
session(project).clear()'%s projects examined.' % num_projects_examined)
if __name__ == '__main__':