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import sys
import logging
from ming.orm import session
from allura import model as M
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def main():
conn = M.session.main_doc_session.bind.conn
n = M.Neighborhood.query.get(url_prefix='/u/')
for p in M.Project.query.find(dict(neighborhood_id=n._id)):
if not p.database_configured: continue
if not p.shortname.startswith('u/'): continue'Checking to see if %s is configured...', p.database)
db = conn[p.database]
if is_unconfigured(db):
if sys.argv[-1] == 'test':'... it is not, so I would drop it.')
continue'... it is not, so dropping it.')
p.database_configured = False
else:'... it is.')
def is_unconfigured(db):
# Check for data in collections other than those we pre-fill with data
for collection_name in db.collection_names():
if collection_name in IGNORED_COLLECTIONS: continue
collection = db[collection_name]
if collection.count():'...%s has data', collection_name)
return False
# DB is configured if it has more than profile/admin/search tools installed
if db.config.count() != 3:'...has %d tools', db.config.count())
return False
return True
if __name__ == '__main__':