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For detailed installation and further instructions please refer
Documentation section in left hand panel. The website lists step by step instructions
Installing Apache Airavata 0.17
Java 1.8 or later
Maven 3 or later
Build Apache Airavata from Source
* Unzip/untar the source file or clone from git.
* cd to project folder and type
$ mvn clean install
Note: in order to skip tests use the command
$ mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true
* Alternatively, all compressed binary distributions can be found at <PROJECT DIR>/modules/distribution/release/target/release-artifacts
Running Tests
* Unit tests & integrations tests will run while Apache Airavata is built from source (without "-Dmaven.test.skip=true").
* To run the test samples
- You can find the binary distributions at <PROJECT DIR>/modules/distribution/release/target/release-artifacts or from
the Apache Airavata download site.
- Extract the binary distributions and once the binary is unzipped, instructions to run the tests should be followed
from README files found within.
The airavata documentation has instructions for basic tutorials at