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Apache Airavata GRAM Client - README
Licensed under Apache License 2.0 -
Apache Airavata, a software framework to executing and managing computational jobs on
distributed computing resources including local clusters, supercomputers, national grids,
academic and commercial clouds.
The airavata-myproxy-client is a test suite to run stand alone tests to test MyProxy Service
CA Trusted Certificates
* The XSEDE project maintains a repo of International Grid Certificate Authorities
* The certificate tar file can be downloaded from
* Once the certificates are downloaded locally, the has to be configured.
Running Tests
To run tests use maven as follows;
> mvn clean install -Dmyproxy.user=<MY PROXY USER NAME> -Dmyproxy.password=<MY PROXY PASSWORD>
Further to run SecurityContextTest.testRenewCredentials(), you need to register current host as a trusted renewer.
For that execute following command;
> myproxy-logon -t 264 -s <MY PROXY SERVER> -l <MY PROXY USER NAME>
> myproxy-init -A --cert /tmp/x509up_u501 --key /tmp/x509up_u501 -l <MY PROXY USER NAME> -s <MY PROXY SERVER>
Ignore modules bes-client and jsdl-generator. These modules are not present in the root pom file also.