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import logging
from abc import ABC, abstractmethod
from importlib import import_module
from django.apps import AppConfig
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class CustosAppConfig(AppConfig, ABC):
"""Custom AppConfig for Django Airavata apps."""
def url_app_name(self):
"""Return the urls application namespace."""
return get_url_app_name(self)
def app_order(self):
"""Return positive int order of app in listings, lowest sorts first."""
def url_home(self):
"""Named route of home page for this application."""
def fa_icon_class(self):
"""Font Awesome icon class name."""
def app_description(self):
"""Some user friendly text to briefly describe the application."""
def app_enabled(self, request):
def enhance_custom_app_config(app):
"""As necessary add default values for properties to custom AppConfigs."""
app.url_app_name = get_url_app_name(app)
app.url_home = get_url_home(app)
app.fa_icon_class = get_fa_icon_class(app)
app.app_description = get_app_description(app)
return app
def get_url_app_name(app_config):
"""Return the urls namespace for the given AppConfig instance."""
urls = get_app_urls(app_config)
return getattr(urls, 'app_name', None)
def get_url_home(app_config):
"""Get named URL of home page of app."""
if hasattr(app_config, 'url_home'):
return app_config.url_home
return get_default_url_home(app_config)
def get_default_url_home(app_config):
"""Return first url pattern as a default."""
urls = get_app_urls(app_config)
app_name = get_url_app_name(app_config)
logger.warning("Custom Django app {} has no URL namespace "
first_named_url = None
for urlpattern in urls.urlpatterns:
if hasattr(urlpattern, 'name'):
first_named_url =
if not first_named_url:
raise Exception("{} has no named urls, "
"can't figure out default home URL")
if app_name:
return app_name + ":" + first_named_url
return first_named_url
def get_fa_icon_class(app_config):
"""Return Font Awesome icon class to use for app."""
if hasattr(app_config, "fa_icon_class"):
return app_config.fa_icon_class
return 'fa-circle'
def get_app_description(app_config):
"""Return brief description of app."""
return getattr(app_config, 'app_description', None)
def get_app_urls(app_config):
return import_module(".urls",