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== Release Notes for ActiveMQ CPP 2.1.2 ==
This release adds support for building the library and tests, etc on the
Solaris platform using the Sun Compiler in Sun Studio 11.
* [AMQCPP-154] - Improve build compatibility (Solaris)
== Release Notes for ActiveMQ CPP 2.1.1 ==
== Overview ==
This version includes several bugfixes, as well as some new examples. Also
a lot of work has been done on performance and memory leaks and stability.
NOTE: Compatable with ActiveMQ Broker version >= 4.0
* [AMQCPP-111] - Unable to ./configure under Suse Linux 64 bit
* [AMQCPP-137] - Exception in ResponseCorrelator::onCommand()
* [AMQCPP-141] - ActiveMQTextMessage::getText() causes an index out of bounds assertion failure if trying to read a 0 length text message
* [AMQCPP-142] - BufferedOutputStream flush called after BufferedOutputStream close resulting in unhandled exceptions
* [AMQCPP-144] - Decaf library build fails on OS X
* [AMQCPP-145] - Compiler error concerning TRANSACTION_ROLLBACK
* [AMQCPP-149] - Client crash when receiving message with empty string property from java
* [AMQCPP-150] - ActiveMQ-CPP consumer client hanging after receiving 32767 messages.
* [AMQCPP-99] - Incorporate APR for generation of GUIDs
* [AMQCPP-124] - Provide a ConnectionMetaData interface in CMS
* [AMQCPP-139] - Improvements for the Openwire Commands Generated Code
* [AMQCPP-143] - declara BytesMessage::readXXX() methods as 'const'
* [AMQCPP-146] - Refactor sequence id generation in the connectors
== Release Notes for ActiveMQ CPP 2.1 ==
== Overview ==
This version includes several bugfixes, as well as some new features. Also
a lot of work has been done on performance and memory leaks. One new feature that
has been highly anticipated is that we now build both shared and static libraries.
NOTE: Compatable with ActiveMQ Broker version >= 4.0.2
== Issues Resolved ==
* [AMQCPP-104] - Enabling async send prevents program from terminating properly on Windows
* [AMQCPP-119] - getClientID segfaults is called after connection has been closed
* [AMQCPP-120] - Possible memory leak in StompConnector
* [AMQCPP-121] - Possible memory leak in activemq::transport::IOTransport::run
* [AMQCPP-122] - Crash on Windows when rapidly creating and destroying connections
* [AMQCPP-126] - closing ressources after an IOException crashes the app
* [AMQCPP-128] - Transacted session crashes or loses messages
* [AMQCPP-131] - StompConnector doesn't rethrow UnsupportedOperationException
* [AMQCPP-132] - Unsubscribe of durable subscription fails
* [AMQCPP-133] - Receive of plain Message with Openwire returns null
* [AMQCPP-134] - Compiler warnings have returned for tests on gcc
* [AMQCPP-65] - Refactor transport creation
* [AMQCPP-66] - Refactor the Async send to happen in an Async Transport instead of in ActiveMQSession
* [AMQCPP-108] - Make stomp connector more generic
* [AMQCPP-110] - Create activemqcpp-openwire-generator build in our pom.xml, move code to src/main/java
* [AMQCPP-116] - quick improvements to CMS example code
* [AMQCPP-118] - Provide a way to allocate and free with the same allocator
* [AMQCPP-123] - Link error when trying to link another shared library against AMQCPP on 64-bit Linux
* [AMQCPP-127] - ResponseCorrelator doesn't have a way to set max timeot from the properties uri.
* [AMQCPP-130] - Enhance the DummyTransport and rename it to MockTransport
New Feature
* [AMQCPP-125] - Decaf: Random
* [AMQCPP-106] - reorganize subversion
* [AMQCPP-115] - Change build to create dynamic libraries
== Release Notes for ActiveMQ CPP 2.0.1 ==
== Overview ==
This version is a bug fix release for issues that were found in the 2.0 release
NOTE: Compatable with ActiveMQ Broker version >= 4.0.2
== Issues Resolved ==
* [AMQCPP-105] - Openwire ActiveMQMessage sets Persistant flag incorrectly
* [AMQCPP-107] - SocketInputStream::read() doesn't check for EINTR error
* [AMQCPP-109] - Exception when acknowledging null messages, originating from the receipt of an ObjectMessage
* [AMQCPP-112] - Openwire Experiation Integration tests fail when fixed to actually use Openwire
* [AMQCPP-101] - Add the Ability to set the TcpNoDelay flag of a TCP Socket
* [AMQCPP-102] - Create a Tag for CMS
== Release Notes for ActiveMQ CPP 2.0 ==
== Overview ==
This version is a major release containing new features and bug fixes.
* Full OpenWire v2 support!
* You can switch between openwire and stomp via the connection URL
* Temporary destinations when using OpenWire
* Added support for asynchronous send
* Fixed client acknowledge
* Resolved some memory leaks
* Sessions are now single threaded
NOTE: Compatable with ActiveMQ Broker version >= 4.0.2
== Issues Resolved ==
* [AMQCPP-38] - Async error on broker when running integration tests
* [AMQCPP-44] - Reason for socket errors not reported correctly on Windows
* [AMQCPP-46] - ActiveMQConnection doesn't propagate exception listener to underlying connector
* [AMQCPP-51] - Autoconf is not properly setting CXXFLAGS on Linux
* [AMQCPP-52] - Valgrind reports memory leaks when running PrimitiveMapTest
* [AMQCPP-53] - Declaration of extern int errno after including errno.h doesn't compile
* [AMQCPP-54] - Build broken due to autoconf problem?
* [AMQCPP-55] - Need close() to propagate to child resources
* [AMQCPP-56] - GCC warnings and possible SocketFactory bug on 64-bit Linux
* [AMQCPP-58] - Possible memory leak when reestablishing connection
* [AMQCPP-59] - Exception is thrown when destroying consumer after connection failure
* [AMQCPP-60] - message information is lost from stomp message to jms
* [AMQCPP-61] - CMSException::what returns c_str of temporary std::string
* [AMQCPP-64] - Inconsistency in topic names when creating topics
* [AMQCPP-75] - setCMSReplyTo with null destination segfaults when using Openwire wire format
* [AMQCPP-76] - Integer property not propagated when using Openwire
* [AMQCPP-77] - Inconsistency when getting string property between Stomp and Openwire
* [AMQCPP-78] - session tries to destroy already destroyed temporary queue
* [AMQCPP-80] - sending with explicit message id hangs
* [AMQCPP-81] - openwire consumer never receives messages already in queue
* [AMQCPP-83] - Integration tests fail for openwire
* [AMQCPP-85] - activemq/util/Character.h not being installed by automake
* [AMQCPP-86] - Valgrind reports memory leaks in unit tests
* [AMQCPP-87] - ActiveMQConnectionFactory creates only one unique clientId
* [AMQCPP-90] - Openwire Session doesn't run its MessageListeners from a single thread
* [AMQCPP-91] - A few more Openwire memory leaks
* [AMQCPP-92] - memory leak in openwire session info
* [AMQCPP-40] - A few stray unix and sun defines
* [AMQCPP-47] - MapMessage getters should be const
* [AMQCPP-48] - Fix compilation with Visual Studio .NET 2003
* [AMQCPP-49] - Add -W -Wall compile options
* [AMQCPP-50] - Derive cms::CMSException from std::exception
* [AMQCPP-57] - Typo in names of delivery modes
* [AMQCPP-79] - allow createProducer to accept null destination
* [AMQCPP-89] - Case of cms::Message getter and setter names are not consistent with case of JMS Message getter and setter names
* [AMQCPP-94] - StompConnector should use Long::toString instead of Integer::toString
New Feature
* [AMQCPP-30] - Add support to activemq-cpp to support the openwire protocol
* [AMQCPP-63] - asynchronous send
* [AMQCPP-82] - Make openwire the default protocol
* [AMQCPP-84] - add unit/integration tests
* [AMQCPP-88] - Remove setCMSMessageId from CMS API
* [AMQCPP-95] - Perform Memory Leak testing on 2.0 codebase
== Release Notes for ActiveMQ CPP 1.1 ==
== Overview ==
This version fixes several bugs and adds a few new features.
* Updated interface for cms::BytesMessage - more JMS-like.
* Updated the MessageProducer interface to add multiple versions of the send method
* Fixed several memory leaks
* Now run on linux, win32, OS X, and Solaris
* Persistence is fixed
* Fixed deadlocks when closing a connection
* Fixed message expiration
NOTE: Compatable with ActiveMQ Broker version >= 4.0.2
== Issues Resolved ==
* [AMQCPP-3] - Receiving a BytesMessage sent from Java using CMS listener causes exception thrown in class BufferedInputStream
* [AMQCPP-14] - CMSExpiration not handled properly in ActiveMQProducer
* [AMQCPP-18] - ActiveMQConnection.close() causes app to crash
* [AMQCPP-20] - Deadlock when in stomp connector close
* [AMQCPP-22] - Use common name for ActiveMQ C++ library on Windows and Linux
* [AMQCPP-23] - active-cpp persistent problem
* [AMQCPP-25] - Bus error on Solaris OS from DataInput and DataOutput streams
* [AMQCPP-26] - Memory leaks reported by Rational Purify when running unit tests
* [AMQCPP-27] - Issues reported by Valgrind when running unit tests
* [AMQCPP-28] - Purify and Valgrind warnings when running integration tests
* [AMQCPP-29] - Projects in MSVC build building on top of one another
* [AMQCPP-35] - Stomp content-length header not being set on BytesMessage
* [AMQCPP-39] - Some AMQCPP includes not installed when doing make install on Linux
* [AMQCPP-41] - Byte swap on float and double truncates values
* [AMQCPP-43] - Crash when getting string property that doesn't exist
* [AMQCPP-16] - CMS API needs updates to more closely follow JMS API
* [AMQCPP-33] - Integration tests crash if broker isn't running
* [AMQCPP-36] - Cleanup whitespace and member function definitions in header files
* [AMQCPP-42] - A few more strict aliasing warnings
New Feature
* [AMQCPP-15] - Add other versions of send method to CMS MessageProducer
* [AMQCPP-37] - readUTF and writeUTF for BytesMessage
* [AMQCPP-45] - Update with release version
* [AMQCPP-31] - Consider giving the unix #define a more unique name
* [AMQCPP-32] - Stomp messages don't preserve property types: please document this behaviour