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1. Running Accumulo with new VFS ClassLoader as SystemClassLoader
a. Add accumulo/test/target/TestJar-Iterators.jar to HDFS directory
hadoop fs -mkdir /iterators
hadoop fs -put TestJar-Iterators.jar /iterators/.
b. Add vfs-reloading-classloader-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar to CLASSPATH
c. Add "-Djava.system.class.loader=org.apache.accumulo.classloader.vfs.ReloadingVFSClassLoader" to JAVA_OPTS
d. Add "-Dvfs.class.loader.classpath=hdfs://localhost:9000/iterators/TestJar-Iterators.jar" to JAVA_OPTS
e. Add "-Dvfs.class.loader.debug=true" to JAVA_OPTS
f. Create table , insert some test data
createtable test
insert a b c this_is_a_test
setiter -class org.apache.accumulo.test.functional.ValueReversingIterator -scan -t test -name reverse -p 100