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  1. 38f8e1b ZOOKEEPER-3944: Fix sasl memory leak by Xiaotian · 2 hours ago master
  2. 56dfde5 ZOOKEEPER-3937: C client: avoid out-of-order packets during SASL negotiation by Damien Diederen · 2 hours ago
  3. 492fd79 ZOOKEEPER-3941: Upgrade commons-cli to 1.4 by Tamas Penzes · 5 days ago
  4. 4a2d582 ZOOKEEPER-3863: Fix c client unit test (local session must be enabled for read only observers to work). by Michael Han · 8 days ago
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For the latest information about Apache ZooKeeper, please visit our website at:


and our wiki, at:


Packaging/release artifacts

Either downloaded from https://zookeeper.apache.org/releases.html or found in zookeeper-assembly/target directory after building the project with maven.


    Contains all the source files which can be built by running:
    mvn clean install

    To generate an aggregated apidocs for zookeeper-server and zookeeper-jute:
    mvn javadoc:aggregate
    (generated files will be at target/site/apidocs)


    Contains all the jar files required to run ZooKeeper
    Full documentation can also be found in the docs folder

As of version 3.5.5, the parent, zookeeper and zookeeper-jute artifacts are deployed to the central repository after the release is voted on and approved by the Apache ZooKeeper PMC:


Java 8

If you are going to compile with Java 1.8, you should use a recent release at u211 or above.


We always welcome new contributors to the project! See How to Contribute for details on how to submit patch through pull request and our contribution workflow.