Apache Hadoop ZooKeeper

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For the latest information about Apache ZooKeeper, please visit our website at:


and our wiki, at:


Packaging/release artifacts

Either downloaded from https://zookeeper.apache.org/releases.html or found in zookeeper-assembly/target directory after building the project with maven.


    Contains all the source files which can be built by running:
    mvn clean install

    To generate an aggregated apidocs for zookeeper-server and zookeeper-jute:
    mvn javadoc:aggregate
    (generated files will be at target/site/apidocs)


    Contains all the jar files required to run ZooKeeper
    Full documentation can also be found in the docs folder

As of version 3.5.5, the parent, zookeeper and zookeeper-jute artifacts are deployed to the central repository after the release is voted on and approved by the Apache ZooKeeper PMC:



We always welcome new contributors to the project! See How to Contribute for details on how to submit patch through pull request and our contribution workflow.