Apache YuniKorn Release

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  1. 66442ca [YUNIKORN-1711] Helm charts: Allow more flexible resource spec (#135) by Derek Brown · 3 weeks ago branch-1.3 master
  2. 00e199b [YUNIKORN-1698] Missing namespace permissions for admission controller (#134) by qzhu · 5 weeks ago
  3. 4a60353 [YUNIKORN-1681] Add ability to attach custom labels to pods (#133) by Rafał Boniecki · 8 weeks ago
  4. 23fcb6b [YUNIKORN-1680] Add priorityClassName to helm chart's pods (#132) by Rafał Boniecki · 8 weeks ago
  5. 10b7fa0 [YUNIKORN-1635] Fix range scoping issue in Ingress (#131) by Rafał Boniecki · 8 weeks ago

Apache YuniKorn Release


This project provides the instructions and tools needed to generate Apache YuniKorn release artifacts. Reference:

Release Procedure

A simplified procedure:

  • Create a release branch in all git repos, such as branch-0.8
  • Stabilize the release
  • Create a tag and prepare to generate the release, e.g v0.8.0
  • Run the release tool to generate source code tarball, checksum and signature
  • Upload tarball, signature and checksum as a release candidate
  • Start a voting thread for the project
  • Publish the release (source code, helm chart and pre-build images)
  • Update the website

The full procedure is documented in the release procedure.