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This document keeps track of issues with sql-commons, xmlbeans, or velocity
integration in this sample.
The easypo.xsd file implies a foreign key in the table line-item. This can
be determined by the unbounded definition of the purchase order element. A
better mechanism would be to include database primary and foreign key
relationships in the xml schema itself.
Problems running the sample. Java 1.5.0 seems to be the only runtime to
resolve the String method replace("-","_").
The run target fails with the following error:
BUILD FAILED: /home/phil/soft/work/vxsdb/run.xml:30:
org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlException: Thread main: The 0th supplied input is
not a schema or a config document: its type is N=
Execute a script containing the java command below if Ant is not available.