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DOMPrint [options] <XML file>
This program invokes the DOM parser, and builds the DOM tree.
It then asks the DOMLSSerializer to serialize the DOM tree.
-e create entity reference nodes. Default is no expansion.
-v=xxx Validation scheme [always | never | auto*].
-n Enable namespace processing. Default is off.
-s Enable schema processing. Default is off.
-f Enable full schema constraint checking. Defaults is off.
-wenc=XXX Use a particular encoding for output. Default is
the same encoding as the input XML file. UTF-8 if
input XML file has not XML declaration.
-wfile=xxx Write to a file instead of stdout.
-wscs=xxx Enable/Disable split-cdata-sections. Default on
-wddc=xxx Enable/Disable discard-default-content. Default on
-wflt=xxx Enable/Disable filtering. Default off
-wfpp=xxx Enable/Disable format-pretty-print. Default off
-wfdecl=xxx Enable/Disable xml-declaration. Default on
-wbom=xxx Enable/Disable write Byte-Order-Mark Default off
-xpath=xxx Prints only the nodes matching the given XPath.
-? Show this help.
* = Default if not provided explicitly.
The parser has intrinsic support for the following encodings:
UTF-8, US-ASCII, ISO8859-1, UTF-16[BL]E, UCS-4[BL]E,
WINDOWS-1252, IBM1140, IBM037, IBM1047.