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Xerces-C version 1.0.1 15-Dec-99
- Port to Solaris.
- Improved error recovery and clarified error messages.
- Added DOMTest program.
Xerces-C version 1.0.0 8-Dec-99
- Sources for: WinNT/98(Visual C++), Linux(gcc), AIX (xlC),
HP-UX 10.2 (aCC and CC) and HP-UX 11.0 (aCC and CC)
- Has defect fixes, better conformance, better speed and cleaner
internal internal architecture
- Three new samples added: PParse, StdInParse and EnumVal
- Loadable message text enabling future translations to be easily
- Pluggable validators
- Pluggable transcoders
Xerces-c status 8-Nov-99
This drop of Xerces-c is based on a development version of the IBM XML4C
version 3.0 code base.
It is a snapshot of development work in progress, and is known
to contain incompletely implemented features and bugs.
This code base (8-Nov-99) builds on Linux and Windows.
The code base is newer than that last released on IBM's alphaworks
site, and includes these new features.
o Namespace support
o Core and Traversal from DOM Level 2
o Better conformance to XML specifications
o Ability to use for any transcoding service
o Restructured in preparation for Schema support.
To do
o More of DOM level 2, including Events and Ranges.
o More platforms supported.
o Schema, as it becomes better defined by the W3C.
o Tuning
o Improved build structure