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$quote "
$set 1
2 Notation '{0}' has already been declared
3 Attribute '{0}' has already been declared
4 Encoding ({0}, from XMLDecl or manually set) contradicts the auto-sensed encoding, ignoring it
5 Element '{0}' was referenced in a content model but never declared
6 Element '{0}' was referenced in an attlist but never declared
9 Expected comment or CDATA
10 Expected an attribute name
11 Expected a notation name
12 Repetition of individual elements is not legal for mixed content models
13 Bad default attribute declaration
14 Expected default attribute declaration, assuming #IMPLIED
15 Attribute list syntax error
16 Expected equal sign
17 Duplication attribute name
18 Bad ID for xml:lang attribute
19 Expected an element name
20 Must start with an XMLDecl
21 Comments must start with <!--
22 Invalid document structure
23 Expected a 'version=', 'encoding=', or 'standalone='
24 Bad XML version string
25 Unsupported XML version
26 Unterminated XML decl
27 Bad XML encoding declaration
28 Bad standalone declaration
29 Unterminated comment
30 Processing instruction name expected
31 Unterminated processing instruction
32 Invalid character
33 Unexpected text before root element
34 Unterminated start tag
35 Expected an attribute value
36 Unterminated end tag
37 Expected attribute type (CDATA, ID, NMTOKEN, ..),
38 Expected end of tag '{0}'
39 Expected tag name, comment, PI, or other markup
40 Not valid after content
41 Expected comment
42 Expected comment or processing instruction
43 Expected whitespace
44 No root element in DOCTYPE
45 Expected quoted string
46 Expected public id
47 Invalid character in public id
48 Unterminated DOCTYPE declaration
49 Invalid character in internal subset
50 Expected CDATA section
51 Invalid initial name character
52 Invalid name character
53 Unexpected whitespace
54 Invalid character in attribute value
55 Expected a markup declaration
56 Text declaration not legal here
57 Conditional section in internal subset
58 Expected parameter entity name
59 Unterminated entity declaration
60 Invalid character reference
61 Unterminated character reference
62 Expected entity name for reference
63 Entity '{0}' was not found
64 Unparsed entitty references not valid here
65 Unterminated entity reference
66 Recursive entity expansion
67 Partial markup in entity value
68 Unterminated element declaration
69 Expected content specification expression
70 Expected asterisk
71 Unterminated Content model
72 Expected system id
73 Expected system or public id
74 Unterminated notation declaration
75 Expected ',', '|', or ')' characters
76 Expected '|' or ')' characters
77 Expected ',' or ')' characters or close parenthesis
78 Expected enumeration value
79 Expected | enumeration separator, or closing paren
80 Unterminated entity literal
81 There are more end tags than start tags
82 Reference to external declaration in standalone document. Entity={0}
83 Expected an open parenthesis
84 The attribute '{0}' is already used in element '{1}'
85 A '<' character cannot be used in an attribute value, except through <
86 A leading surrogate character was not followed by a legal second character
87 Expected ']]>' to end a conditional section
88 Expected INCLUDE or IGNORE here
89 Expected [ to follow INCLUDE or IGNORE
90 Expected a TextDecl here: <?xml ....
91 Expected a XMLDecl here: <?xml ....
92 Unexpected end of entity {0}
93 A PE propogated out of the int/ext subset, discarding extra text
94 An extra ] character was found an ignored
95 PE refs are not allowed inside markup in the internal subset
96 An entity propogated out of the content section into Miscellaneous
97 Expected &# to be followed by a numeric character value
98 Expected an open bracket ('[') here
99 The sequence ']]>' is not allowed in character data
100 Illegal sequence '--' in comment
101 Unterminated CDATA section
102 Expected NDATA
103 NDATA is not legal for parameter entities
104 Hex radix character refs must use 'x', not 'X'
105 '{0}' has already been set. Ignoring redundant setting
106 The XMLDecl strings must be in the order: version, encoding, standalone
107 External entities cannot be referred to from attribute values
108 The XML or Text decl must start with '<?xml ', not '<?XML '
109 Expected a literal entity value or PUBLIC/SYSTEM id
110 '{0}' is not a valid digit for the indicated radix
111 The input ended before all started tags were ended. Last tag started was '{0}'
112 The content model for element '{0}' is ambiguous
113 Nested CDATA sections are not allowed
114 The prefix '{0}' has not been mapped to any URI
115 The start and the end tag were in the different entities
116 The main XML document cannot be empty
117 CDATA is not allowed outside the root element
118 Only numeric character entities or special character entities are legal here
119 Got an unexpected trailing surrogate character
120 No processing instruction starts with 'xml'
121 The XML or Text declaration must start at line/column 1/1
122 The 'version=' string is required in an XMLDecl
123 The 'standalone=' string is only allowed in the main XML entity
124 When namespaces are enabled, a name can have only one colon character
125 When namespaces are enabled, the colon cannot be the first or last character
126 Colons are not allowed in this name when namespaces are enabled
127 A system exception occured during processing
128 An exception occured! Type:{0}, Message:{1}
129 Unexpected end of file exception. Message: {0}
$set 3
2 Unknown element '{0}'
3 Attribute '{0}' not defined
4 Notation '{0}' was referenced but never declared
5 Root element different from DOCTYPE
6 Required attribute '{0}' was not provided
7 Element '{0}' is not valid for content model: '{1}'
8 ID attributes must be #IMPLIED or #REQUIRED
9 This type of attribute cannot have an empty value
10 Element '{0}' has already been declared
11 Element '{0}' has more than one ID attribute
12 ID '{0}' has already been used
13 ID attribute '{0}' was referenced but never declared
14 Attribute '{0}' refers to an unknown notation '{1}'
15 Element '{0}' was used in the DOCTYPE but never declared
16 Empty content not valid for content model: '{0}'
17 Attribute '{{0}}{1}' is not declared for element '{2}'
18 Attributes of type ENTITY/ENTITIES must refer to an external, unparsed entity
19 Attribute '{0}' refers to an unknown entity '{1}'
20 Not enough elements to match content model : '{0}'
21 No character data is allowed by content model
22 Attribute '{0}' does not match its defined enumeration or notation list
23 The values for attribute '{0}' must be names or name tokens
24 Attribute '{0}' does not support multiple values
25 Attribute '{0}' has a value that does not match its #FIXED value
26 Element types cannot be duplicated in Mixed content models
$set 2
2 The index is beyond the array bounds
3 The new size is less than the old one
4 The bit index was beyond the set size
5 The pointer has not been set
6 The enumerator contains no more elements
7 Could not open file: {0}
8 Could not query the current file position
9 Could not close the file
10 Could not seek to end of file
11 Could not seek to required position in file
12 Could not duplicate the handle
13 Could not read data from file
14 Could not reset file to beginning
15 Could not acertain the file size
16 Could not determine base pathname of the file
17 The hash modulus cannot be zero
18 Hashing the key returned an invalid bad hash value
19 The key '{0}' could not be found in the hash table
20 Could not create mutex
21 Could not close mutex
22 Could not lock mutex
23 Could not unlock mutex
24 Could not destroy mutex
25 The element {0} already exists
26 Hashing the key returned an invalid bad hash value
27 The passed id is not valid for this pool
28 The modulus value cannot be zero
29 The index is past the top of stack
30 The stack is empty, cannot access members
31 The target buffer cannot have a max size of zero
32 The given radix is not supported. Use 2, 8, 10, or 16
33 The target buffer is too small to accept the results
34 The start index is past the end of the string
35 Could not write to standard err
36 Could not write to standard out
37 Could not write to console
38 String pool id was not legal
39 The URL was not correctly formed
40 The URL used an unsupported protocol
41 Unsupported URL protocol: '{0}'
42 Only localhost is supported at this time
43 No protocol prefix present
44 Expected // after protocol
45 % must be followed by two hex digits
46 Unterminated host component
47 The passed index is past the end of the vector
48 Parse may not be called while parsing
49 A DOCTYPE was seen but the installed validator does not understand DTDs
50 Could not open DTD file '{0}'
51 Could not open external entity '{0}'
52 The end of input was not expected
53 The index given was beyond the max attribute index
54 The element stack is empty
55 The element stack index given was beyond the stack top
56 The element stack was already empty when a pop request occured
57 A parent operation was requested, but only one element is on the stack
58 The indicated reader id was never found
59 The auto encoding enum has an unknown value
60 Could not create a converter for encoding: {0}
61 Could not decode first line of entity: {0}
62 End of input was hit in the middle of a multibyte sequence
63 This encoding ({0})should have had a transcoder
64 Invalid second byte of a UTF-8 character sequence
65 Invalid surrogate character found in UTF-8 data
66 The primary document entity could not be opened. Id={0}
67 Unbalanced start/end tags found, cannot continue
68 The passed AttTypes value is not known
69 The passed DefAttTypes value is not known
70 The buffer manager cannot provide any more buffers
71 The passed buffer was not found in this manager's pool
72 The passed recognizer encoding was not known
73 The block of XML data could not be transcoded
74 Could not create a default transcoder
75 The binary operation node had a unary node type
76 The content type must be mixed or children
77 PCDATA nodes are not valid here
78 The {0} operation is invalid for the spec type
79 The unary operation node had a binary node type
80 Unknown content model type
81 Unknown content spec type
82 The element id was invalid
83 When reusing the validator, no internal subset is allowed
84 The call to scanNext() is illegal at this time