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<s1 title="Source Repository">
<s2 title="Overview">
<p>The &XercesCName; source code is stored in the Apache Git
repository. The repository is public and everyone
has read access.</p>
<p>The repository can be viewed online at <jump href=""></jump></p>
<p>The repository can be cloned via:</p>
git clone
<p>A writeable mirror of the same official repository is also present in GitHub at <jump href=""></jump> but the official mechanism for contributions remains attaching patches to issues filed in the Apache Jira instance at <jump href=""></jump></p>
<p>Development generally takes place on the master branch, with legacy branches left open or closed depending on the status of older releases. At present, the master branch and the xerces-3.2 branches are open. Proposed work for a V4.0.0 release is currently occurring on master.</p>