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The Apache Stylebook is a basic XML markup format from which documentation
web pages can be created.
The original stylebook processor was a java program and implemented the
functionality of a specialized URL type. The old URL prefix has been
replaced by a relative path by which to locate the validating doctype
Web pages are now created using a "stylebook.xslt" stylesheet and a
standards compliant XSLT command line processor. The "xalan.exe" program
is called by Windows command (.BAT) files to create the web pages.
The "xalan" executable on Linux or Unix systems can also be used with
shell scripts.
The current set of web pages are constructed on Windows platforms.
The "stylbook.xslt" transformation remains faithful to the test examples
that are part of the Java stylebook program.
The constructed web pages are rendered using the "apache-xalan.css"
cascading stylesheet for modern web browsers.
Care has been taken to make the web pages highly scalable to accommodate
both high-resolution desktops and low-resolution display tablets. Tests
have also shown that pages are useful with browsers do not use cascading
New features can be added to the "stylebook.xml" when needed.
Display rendering is controlled by the "apache-xalan.css" cascading
stylesheet. New display renderings can be placed here.
The web pages are generated as strict XHTML, but care has been taken to
insert some non-breaking whitespace for specific elements when needed so
that they do not collapse. Token collapsing causes many HTML browsers to
Tables are implemented with scalable column widths to accommodate a wide
variety of display resolutions.
The left-panel navigation is handled by an XML document containing
the <book/> document element.
Most of the XML documents define book sections. There is a special
section format for frequently asked questions.
+ <graph-Link> | Project Subtitle Line |
| [Link 1][Link 2][Link 3][Link 4][Link 5] |
| Div = | |
| "navLeft" | Div = "content" |
| | |
| Contents | The section heads have ending links to [top] |
| from | |
| <book> | |
| element | |
| | |
| Div = "footer" Contains copyright information |
The book XML references the book.dtd which also brings in the entities.ent
file for document specific general entity definitions.