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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<todo title="Credits" project="XSLTC" major-version="1">
<person name="Jacek Ambroziak" email="" id="JA" expertise="code">
Inventor, architect, former lead developer and evangelist.
<person name="Tom Amiro" email="Tom.Amiro@Sun.COM" id="TA" expertise="testing">
<person name="Morten J&#216;rgensen" email="" id="MJ" expertise="code, doc">
Lead developer - key contributor on design documentation, ID/Keys, performance, JAXP, and continuing development in general.
<person name="G. Todd Miller" email="Glenn.Miller@Sun.COM" id="TM" expertise="code">
Developer - key contributor on TrAX.
<person name="Santiago Pericas-Geertsen" email="" id="SP" expertise="code">
Developer - key contributor on compilation strategy.
<goal type="conformance">XSLT 1.0 compliant 100%.</goal>
<goal type="performance">Maintain current level.</goal>
<goal type="stability"> Stable, reasonable.</goal>
<goal type="api">API Complete.</goal>
<goal type="documentation">Documentation functionally complete.</goal>
<action context="test, packages:org.apache.xalan.xsltc"
who="TA, Shane"
Modify Xalan test enviroment to test XSLTC as a component of XalanJ2.