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The XALAN Logo - Trademark Description
Prepared By:
Steven J. Hathaway
September 3, 2011
Prepared for:
The Apache Software Foundation
Graphic: A stylized version of the African Xalam instrument.
Note: the difference in spelling.
Xalam is the African Musical Instrument
Xalan is the Apache Xalan Software Project
TM (trademark symbol)
Font: Arial
Size: 14pt
Style: Bold)
Font: Arial
Size: 22pt
Style: Bold
Apache Software Foundation (trademark name)
Font: Arial
Size: 18pt
Style: Bold
Note: 2 space characters between words
Xalan (trademark name)
Font: Segoe Print
Size: 48pt
Style: Bold
Xalan-C (trademark name)
Font: Segoe Print
Size: 48pt
Style: Bold
Xalan-J (trademark name)
Font: Segoe Print
Size: 48pt
Style: Bold
INSTRUMENT GRAPHIC (vector equations)
Vertical Width: 0.75 inch (3/4)
HorizontalLength: 3.667 inch (3 2/3)
Oval on the left,
neck and butt on the right.
Oval Width: 0.75 inch (3/4)
Oval Length: 1.583 inch (1 7/12)
Neck Width: 0.167 inch (1/6)
Butt Width: 0.25 inch (1/4)
Butt Length: 0.417 inch (5/12)
Description of instrument logo
Oval: simulation of a gourd sound chamber
With orange gradation hues
Neck: rectangle simulating a round fingerboard
With yellow-green gradation hues
Butt: rounded rectangle simulating end of neck
With olive-green hue
String Anchor: rounded rectangle on the gourd
With olive-green hue
2 strings: the full length from Anchor to Butt
2 strings: tied to neck, at 1/2 length from Anchor to Butt
3 Loose Tie Strings on the Butt, simulating tuning anchors