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<title>Xalan Templates Package.</title>
<p>Implements the {@link javax.xml.transform.Templates} interface,
and defines a set of classes that represent an XSLT stylesheet.</p>
<p>{@link org.apache.xalan.templates.StylesheetRoot} implements the {@link javax.xml.transform.Templates} interface, and
extends {@link org.apache.xalan.templates.StylesheetComposed},
which is a {@link org.apache.xalan.templates.Stylesheet} composed of itself
and its included Stylesheet objects. A StylesheetRoot also contains a
global list of all imported StylesheetComposed objects. The
role of these objects is to hold immutable stylesheet data, not to perform
procedural tasks associated with the
construction of the data (the org.apache.xalan.processor package) or with the transformation (the org.apache.xalan.transformer
<p>{@link org.apache.xalan.templates.ElemTemplateElement} is the superclass of
all XSLT instruction elements, including Stylesheet. The <i>x</i>Func classes
extend members of the org.apache.xpath package and implement XSLT functions. Unlike
the Stylesheet "container" objects, the
instruction element and function classes do contain procedural execute()
methods that are called during the transformation.</p>