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<title>Xalan Serialize Package.</title>
<p>Processes SAX events into streams.</p>
<p>The {@link org.apache.xalan.serialize.SerializerFactory} is used to
create a {@link org.apache.xalan.serialize.Serializer} from a set of
output properties (see {@link javax.xml.transform.OutputKeys}).</p>
<p>{@link org.apache.xalan.serialize.SerializerToXML} acts as the main
baseclass for the Xalan serializer implementations.
{@link org.apache.xalan.serialize.SerializerToHTML} derives from this
to implement HTML serialization. {@link org.apache.xalan.serialize.SerializerToText}
implements plain text serialization.</p>
<p>XML mapping from characters to entity references is defined in
XMLEntities.res. HTML entity reference mapping is defined in HTMLEntities.res.
<p>Encoding information is defined in {@link org.apache.xalan.serialize.Encodings}.</p>