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<title>Xalan Processor Package.</title>
<p>Parses an XSLT stylesheet document (which may include and import other stylesheet documents) and produces a StylesheetRoot
(a TRaX Templates object).</p>
<p>StylesheetProcessor implements the TRaX {@link javax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory} interface,
as well as the {@link javax.xml.transform.sax.SAXTransformerFactory} interface.
It registers the {@link org.apache.xalan.processor.StylesheetHandler} object
(a TrAX {@link javax.xml.transform.sax.TemplatesHandler} implementation)
as the SAX ContentHandler for an XMLReader, and uses the XMLReader to parse
the stylesheet document.</p>
<p>Before parsing the XSLT input, StylesheetHandler assembles an {@link org.apache.xalan.processor.XSLTSchema},
which uses {@link org.apache.xalan.processor.XSLTElementDef}
and {@link org.apache.xalan.processor.XSLTAttributeDef} objects to
recursively define the elements and attributes that an XSLT stylesheet may
contain. The StylesheetHandler then passes on each parse event to the
{@link org.apache.xalan.processor.XSLTElementProcessor} which the
XSLTElementDef assigned to the element associated with that event.</p>