Preview Feature Branches

For large changes it will often be necessary to make a preview feature branch, work on it with others, stage the results, and review separately. This document will present a step-by-step outline for creating preview/feature branches.

Replace feature with a name of your choice. Several feature branches are possible.

Create preview/feature branch

From main create preview/feature branch


After you make a commit to your preview/feature branch the pelican build should happen automatically. You will get an email sent to

A successful build will be found at

Merging preview/feature back to main

Once your feature is complete you submit a PR from preview/feature to main. Once the PR is merged the site is updated to include the updated features.


  1. Create preview/bootstrap5

  2. Work on preview/bootstrap5 branch to update bootstrap to version 5 with preview builds staged at

  3. Submit PR to merge preview/bootstrap back to main

.asf.yaml settings

These settings do the automatic staging of preview branches.

  autobuild: preview/*
  target: asf-site
  theme: theme/apache
  whoami: main

  profile: ~
  autostage: preview/*