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Apache Foundation Website (

This repository provides the source for the main website of The Apache Software Foundation.

  • Content

    • md pages in GitHub Flavored Markdown which can include HTML.
    • ezmd pages in a combination of ezt and GitHub Flavored Markdown.
    • html files are treated as static files.
    • static assets of all types.
    • .htaccess files for redirection and rewrite rules.
  • Issues

  • Branches

  • Pull Requests

  • Documentation

    • Web Site Committers
      • Markdown focuses on what users need to know about GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) in order to maintain content.
      • Feature branches focuses on handling major changes.
      • Local builds focuses on how to develop on a local linux or macOS system.
    • Web Site Designers
      • Theme focuses on what designers need to know about the website theme.
    • Web Site Developers
      • Data modeling focuses on what developers need to know in order to maintain and expand on the metadata made available to the site.
      • Process describes the full end to end build from the developers perspecitve.
      • Plugins describes the plugins that are included in the repository.

The website is built with Pelican. Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) is via the .asf.yaml file mechanism which runs Buildbot.

The svn history was not migrated and remains available.

Foundation Records including Board Minutes remain in svn except for the index page.