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=== Apache WSS4J 2.2.0 Migration Guide
This section is a migration guide for helping Apache WSS4J 2.1.x users to migrate
to the 2.2.x releases.
==== JDK8 minimum requirement
WSS4J 2.1.x required JDK7 as a minimum requirement. WSS4J 2.2.x requires at
least JDK8.
==== Base64 changes
In WSS4J 2.1.x, the Base64 implementation that ships with the JDK
(java.util.Base64) is used, instead of the Base64 implementation that ships
with Apache Santuario. It is unlikely, but this may have an impact on users
who are parsing messages with Base64 implementations that depend on specific
CR or LF characters, as the Santuario and Java Base64 implementations differ
slightly. Both the Apache Santuario and Java Base64 implementations can
correctly decode the messages created with Apache WSS4J 2.2.x.
==== Kerberos changes
There are some changes with regards to Kerberos in WSS4J 2.1.x. The
KerberosClientAction and KerberosServiceAction classes are removed. Instead
use KerberosClientExceptionAction and KerberosServiceExceptionAction in the
same package. The KerberosTokenDecoderImpl is removed as we can now get access
to the secret key via the JDK APIs. As a consequence, the ws-security-common
module no longer has a dependency on Apache Directory.