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Apache Wookie Release Notes
See* (where * is the number of the issue below)
For more detailed information on significant changes, see NEW_AND_NOTEWORTHY
Version 0.13.1
Bugs Fixed
* WOOKIE-364 - Wookie delegates proxy settings to widgets
* WOOKIE-365 - Widget packages downloaded with incorrect content-type and file name
* WOOKIE-367 - Patch to provide question file missing from last walkthrough patch
* WOOKIE-379 - POSTing a new Widget results in incorrect access policy
* WOOKIE-380 - HTML entities are scrambled by Wookie
* WOOKIE-381 - oAuth feature does not work for Google APIs
* WOOKIE-383 - Redeploying widget without id in config.xml creates new widget
* WOOKIE-384 - persist parameter of oAuth feature not user-isolated
* WOOKIE-391 - Changing the default widget.widgetfolder in can cause folder not found issues
* WOOKIE-173 - Improve delete behaviour for widget instances
* WOOKIE-232 - Change default install location for widgets to "/widgets" instead of "/wservices"
* WOOKIE-378 - User server relative paths in wookie/demo
* WOOKIE-385 - Improve integration of oAuth authorization into workflow
New Features
* WOOKIE-103 - Implement W3C Widget Updates spec to enable automatic updating of widgets
* WOOKIE-133 - Implement inter-widget messaging
* WOOKIE-310 - Provide optional "Locked Domains" configuration to provide unique origins for each widget instance
Known Issues
* WOOKIE-222 - There is a known issue when using Tomcat 7.* with Wookie. Sometimes when a widget is actually
loaded, a browser alert box sometimes appears informing the user of a "Session Error".
This is caused by the DWR library used by Wookie for Comet-based widgets handling HTTP-only cookies incorrectly;
Tomcat 7 uses HTTP-only cookies as the default setting to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.
A workaround is to add the following to the WEB-INF/web.xml file
Note that XSS prevention will still be in place in Tomcat 7; this just disables the additional mechanism
implemented in DWR that conflicts with it.
This is an issue for DWR 2.* with Tomcat 7.* (or earlier versions of Tomcat where useHttpOnly="true" is set.)