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Apache Wookie - source distribution instructions
Initial Setup
1) Install a JDK (1.6.* or higher)
(Be sure to choose a JDK and not a JRE version)
2) Make sure that your PATH includes %JAVA_HOME%\bin (windows) or
$JAVA_HOME$/bin (unix). Optionally, you may also wish to add an environment variable
named %JAVA_HOME% and point that to the %JAVA_HOME%\bin folder of the java JDK install.
3) Install Apache Ant
for an applicable binary. Once installed ensure your PATH includes %ANT_HOME%\bin (windows)
or $ANT_HOME$/bin (unix). (otherwise you won't be able to run it unless you are in the
%ANT_HOME%\bin folder.) NOTE: There is a known issue when using Ant version 1.8.x to build and run
Wookie; you should instead use version 1.7.1. To check which version of ant you are using, type
ant -version. See the RELEASE_NOTES for more information.
4) Build using default ant target (Optional - skip to 5 if you want to compile & run together)
Navigate to the top level of the source distribution in a command prompt/console window.
Type "ant", to start the build process. The first time you run this command all dependencies will
be downloaded so you must be online and it will take some time. Subsequent builds will be much faster.
5) Run Wookie
The quickest way to run Wookie is in "standalone" mode; in this mode Wookie uses a local database and
embedded server. This is a good way to experiment with Wookie in development. Navigate to the root folder
of the source distribution in a command prompt/console window. Once there type "ant run".
Once the server is running go to 'http://localhost:8080/wookie' in your favourite browser.
6) Additional Information
Note that by default, Wookie will clean the database each time it is run, this ensures that your development
environment starts in a consistent state. However, any modifications you have made to the database during
previous runs will be lost. To run the development server without cleaning the database you need to set initDB=false.
To access the administration menu (http://localhost:8080/wookie/admin) use the username 'java' and password 'java'.
If you want to start with a completely clean build then use "ant clean-build run" at the console/command prompt.