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Apache Wookie Release Notes
See* (where * is the number of the issue below)
For more detailed information on significant changes, see NEW_AND_NOTEWORTHY
Version 0.10.0
Bugs Fixed
* WOOKIE-167 - Gallery icons for bondi camera & geolocation are missing
* WOOKIE-322 - Policies API only validates the origin, not the scope or directive
* WOOKIE-15 - Companion document links
* WOOKIE-149 - Sudoku widget not working correctly
* WOOKIE-327 - Make widget metadata returned by the REST API more consistent with W3C Widget Config.xml, remove confusing IDs
* WOOKIE-263 - Remove deprecated "Services" and related functionality
* WOOKIE-320 - Allow GET of Widget to support download of the original .wgt package
* WOOKIE-319 - Add DELETE and PUT to /widget API
* WOOKIE-318 - Change POST to /widgets to upload, parse and return error messages rather than just drop into /deploy
* WOOKIE-324 - POSTing a widget to wookie should return its config.xml metadata
* WOOKIE-314 - Filter license headers when concatenating HTML template files
* WOOKIE-331 - Move API Keys from the database into a configuration file
* WOOKIE-294 - Generalise all templates
* WOOKIE-326 - Extend the Java Connector
* WOOKIE-317 - Create documentation on how to create/generate wookie release artifacts
* WOOKIE-334 - Adding PUT and DELETE to proxify
* WOOKIE-330 - Make the Java connector backwards-compatible
* WOOKIE-328 - Create "demo widget" capability without requiring rest of the web UI
* WOOKIE-19 - Write server admin guide
* WOOKIE-321 - Add functional test cases for Policies API
* WOOKIE-20 - Conform to the LC W3C Widget API specification
* WOOKIE-333 - Creating IntelliJ code style and code template files
New Features
* WOOKIE-262 - Create non-UI administration client and capabilities
* WOOKIE-227 - Implement OpenAjax hub 2.0
Known Issues
* WOOKIE-222 - There is a known issue when using Tomcat 7.* with Wookie. Sometimes when a widget is actually
loaded, a browser alert box sometimes appears informing the user of a "Session Error".
This is caused by the DWR library used by Wookie for Comet-based widgets handling HTTP-only cookies incorrectly;
Tomcat 7 uses HTTP-only cookies as the default setting to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.
A workaround is to add the following to the WEB-INF/web.xml file
Note that XSS prevention will still be in place in Tomcat 7; this just disables the additional mechanism
implemented in DWR that conflicts with it.
This is an issue for DWR 2.* with Tomcat 7.* (or earlier versions of Tomcat where useHttpOnly="true" is set.)