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Wookie W3C Widget Parser
This is the standalone parser package for W3C Widgets developed as part of Apache Wookie.
To process a W3C Widget (.wgt) file, instantiate a W3CWidgetFactory as follows:
W3CWidgetFactory fac = new W3CWidgetFactory();
fac.setOutputFolder = my_output_dir; // folder on the local file system widgets will be saved into
fac.setStartPageProcessor = new MyStartPageProcessorImpl(); // class that injects scripts or does any other start file post-processing
fac.setLocales = new String[]{"en","fr","nl"}; // supported locales
fac.setLocalPath = "/deploy"; // local base path for widget URL
fac.setFeatures = new String[]{""}; // supported features
W3CWidget widget = fac.parse(new File(my_widget_package_file));