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The Apache Wink site is built using Apache Maven. This file describes how to change the content of site
and how to deploy the site's content under
Main Site Content
Currently site content is being built using the APT, Confluence and FML file formats. In order to add
the content to the site, create a file in one of the above formats under the proper folder and place
a link to a new file. Pay attention that if you file is called "index.apt" the link should be to
The menu links are added to the "site.xml" file.
New Release Site Content
Make any necessary edits to all files under src/site/apt, src/site/confluence, and src/site/fml. Most likely, the edits you'll need to make are:
1. Create new release directory under src/site/confluence
1.1. Generate release notes report from Jira, copy file into this directroy as release_notes.confluence
2. Edit src/site/confluence/news.confluence.vm
3. Edit src/site/confluence/roadmap.confluence.vm
4. Edit src/site/confluence/downloads.confluence.vm
5. Edit pom.xml to add new site version variables, check for any other necessary changes
6. Edit src/site/apt/documentation.apt
7. Poke around at all other files to ensure everything is up to date
Building Local Site
Run "mvn site" and check the local site under the target folder.
Deploying Site to Apache
In order to deploy a site to Apache, follow the following steps:
1. Make sure that you manage to create a local site.
3. Check that in the pom.xml points to "scpexe://"
3. Windows users should also do the following:
3.1. Download "plink" and "pscp"
3.2. Put the following section to settings.xml:
<username>your username in the remote system if different from local</username>
<privateKey>/path/to/your/private/key</privateKey> <!-- not needed if using pageant -->
<sshArgs>other arguments you may need</sshArgs>
3.3. Refer to
if you have additional problems.
4. Commit all changes, the build will fail if there are local changes.
5. Run "mvn clean site site-deploy"