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Note: the branch trunk is obsolete. Please use the main branch.

The Apache Velocity Project

The Apache Velocity Site


The Apache Velocity Site is what you get when you visit (our homepage). It is the envelope site for all Apache Velocity sub projects.

In short: This Git repository is only interesting for you if you

a) want to re-create the Apache Velocity site on your local computer or intranet.

b) are an Apache Velocity committer/contributor and want to update the site.

Building the Site

Apache Velocity uses Apache Content Management System to build the site. The whole process of buiding the site is automated with a Docker based build script.

The required software you need is:

*) Git - to checkout and commit *) Docker - uses it to run Apache CMS that generates HTML out of the Markdown files *) A text editor - to edit the Markdown files *) A web browser - to review the changes in the generated HTML files


  1. Create a parent folder for the local Git clones


  1. Clone the GitHub repository for editing the Markdown files

git clone --single-branch --branch main[YOUR_GITHUB_ID]/velocity-site.git

  1. Edit the Markdown files

$VELOCITY_PARENT_FOLDER/velocity-site edit src/content/[FILE].mdtext

  1. Build the HTML files


  1. Check the generated HTML locally

open localhost:8000 in your favorite web browser and navigate around to review your changes

  1. Commit your changes

cd $VELOCITY_PARENT_FOLDER/velocity-site git commit -a -m “Some message explaining your changes” git push

  1. Create a Pull Request in GitHub UI

Questions and contact

If you have questions about the Apache Velocity Site building process, please ask the Velocity developers on the Velocity Developers mailing list at