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Title: Apache Velocity Engine

Apache Velocity

Welcome to Apache Velocity Engine! Apache Velocity is a general purpose template engine written in Java. For more information about Velocity, please look at the HTML documentation on the Velocity web site.

Here's a description of the top level directories:

velocity-engine-core/       The Velocity Engine core module
velocity-engine-examples/   Several simple examples
velocity-engine-scripting/  JSR-223 implementation for Velocity scripting
spring-velocity-support     Velocity Engine factory bean for Spring framework
src/                        Source for parent modules, mainly changelog

Apache Velocity requires at least Java 8 to run.


It is possible to build a custom parser, to change some of the characters used by the VTL syntax: *, @, $ and #.

Let's say you want to merge some templatized jQuery code full of $ characters, you can for instance build you own parser which will use the § character as references prefix instead of $.


After building Velocity, you can also build the examples that are included with the Velocity distribution. These examples show how to use Velocity in your Java applications.

For more information, please see the examples README in the velocity-engine-examples directory.

  • The Apache Velocity Team