VCL-1041 - Customer facing email notifications are ugly initial add modified substitute_string_variables subroutine: added a check for $subroutine_mapping_key starting with 'if ' or being 'endif' to skip attempting substitution to ignore HTML comment conditionals from HTML messages modified mail subroutine: reworked ending code to create a hash of headers for the mail function, add Bcc if $shared_mail_box set, check for html tags in $mailstring and add Content-Type if exist

update-vcl.sql and vcl.sql: added definition and values for messagereset table

siteconfig.php: modified __construct: added check for existance of any html tags in message, subject, or short_message, if contained, set content of that item to empty string and set DBmanagedHTML flag

siteconfig.js: modified messages.prototype.setContents: added section to check for DBmanagedHTML key in returned data, if exists, disable input fields for this item, else enable fields and set messagebody value
7 files changed